09/13/13 17:15

We’ve weathered the storms thus far. No reported injuries or serious house damage. As a community we are both lucky and blessed.

If the power goes out again, Ward does have a generator that can be used to charge necessary devices and keep freezers and fridges cold. Contact Pete Lawrence or Sequoia.

Land line phone service is spotty in town and appears to be limited to town to town land lines. Cell service is in the usual places.

There is food available for those who need it. Contact Rebecca or Apache.

The trash pickup that usually happens tomorrow will happen next Saturday (theoretically).

LeftHand Canyon is absolutely impassible,  because of running water, debris, and washed out roads. Do NOT try to go up or down. If you absolutely have to, the best way out right now is to go west on the Peak to Peak to the Central City Parkway to I70, and that only if you absolutely can’t avoid it. The emergency services folks have enough to do without having to rescue someone who just needs cigarettes. Might be a good time to quit.

Foothills United Way has established a Fund for the victims of this flood.  The name of the fund is the Foothills Flood Relief Fund and that money will be used for housing and human services and will ALL stay local in our communities…just like our long term recovery fund for the fire.  Please do share this URL: www.unitedwayfoothills.org/floodrelief  or go to www.unitedwayfoothills.org and follow the links to donate.  PLEASE DO SHARE THIS INFO WITH ALL OF YOUR GROUPS!

2.)  2-1-1 has been activated.  If you know of anyone that has any questions about evacuation sites, routes, donations, road closures etc. they can call 2-1-1 to get help.

If you think friends and family might be concerned about you, you can use this website, Safe & Well, to check in, or to check for someone you haven’t heard from.

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