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What YOU can do

If you use the Ward Post Office, EVER, you need to write to the Postal Service department that’s coordinating closures. There are comment forms in the Ward Post Office on the bulletin board, along with partially addressed (I didn’t want them to look like they all came from me) stamped envelopes. Then call your Colorado senators. Their website contact pages are listed to the left. Tell them that it’s a hardship to you for the PO to close.

You can also download a copy of the comment form by clicking here. Fill it out and send it in, preferably from Ward, but that’s a little less important.

Ideas for a letter, use what’s appropriate, or other information if that’s appropriate:

  • Impracticality of an hour round trip to the next nearest PO (either 26 to Jamestown or 28 miles to Ned, RT),
  • negative social impact on the community
  • impact on local businesses
  • impact on the town – budget (PO pays rent to the town), town mail pick-up, especially on a more limited budget
  • impracticality of CBU (cluster box units) in bad weather, especially with regard to locks freezing, ice, wind, snow and its plowing
  • Might mention how this might impact the elderly and disabled who often don’t drive or don’t feel comfortable driving in winter conditions, but need to get their SS check, or their meds through the mail, and frequently don’t have a computer, or an internet connection, and maybe not even a bank account.

Address it to:
Marcela Rivera
7500 East 53rd Place
Rm 224
Denver, CO 80266-9998

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