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What to do with flooding debris in City of Boulder and in Boulder County?


Sept. 20, 2013  2:15 p.m.


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What to do with flooding debris in City of Boulder and in Boulder County?

City of Boulder:

City of Boulder community debris collection sites will be available through Sunday. The 10 collection sites have been consolidated to two locations with increased dumpster capacity, they are located at:

  • East Boulder Community Park, 5660 Sioux Drive
  • Valmont City Park, 3160 Airport Road

The City of Boulder announced plans to begin curbside clean-up of flood debris early next week. Curbside clean-up is scheduled to begin early next week and will run for approximately three weeks. Once a contractor is hired, the city will announce the start date and other details. Mud should be taken to an approved landfill.

Unincorporated Boulder County:

Rural unincorporated county residents will have access to dumpsters in various areas affected by the flood. Locations for those dumpsters will be communicated through neighborhood associations, fire protection districts, community flyers and word of mouth. Contractors caught using these dumpsters for commercial purposes will be ticketed and fined. Unincorporated residents will need to arrange collection of curbside items with their haulers. The county cannot provide curbside pick-up.


Boulder County and City of Boulder residents may also take flood debris to Western Disposal’s transfer station located at 5880 Butte Mill Road beginning today. It is open Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fees will be waived for residential flood debris disposal at the transfer station.

The state of Colorado prohibits the disposal of electronics in the landfill. They can be recycled at various locations in the county including Western Disposal or the Eco-Cycle Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (CHaRM).



New Public Transportation Routes

The N bus from Nederland to Boulder

RTD will implement service between Nederland and Boulder effective Monday morning September 23, 2013. This service will be provided via highway 119 operating thru Black Hawk and Gilpin County. This service will be operating on Mondays-Fridays and will stop at the following locations: Boulder Transit Center (14th & Walnut), Nederland Park-n-Ride and Nederland High School. No other stops along the route will be served. Due to the length of this route and the nature of the roadways, the one-way travel time will be approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

RTD will operate 2 AM trips from Nederland to the Boulder Transit Center and 2 PM trips from Boulder Transit Center to Nederland. Scheduled morning trips will depart the Nederland Park-n-Ride at 5:15 AM and 6:15 AM (arriving at the Boulder Transit Center at 7:30 am and 8:30 AM respectively). Afternoon trips will depart the Boulder Transit Center at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM (arriving at the Nederland Park-n-Ride at 7:45pm and 8:45PM respectively).

Via Mobility Services will also be providing a mid-day run from Nederland to Boulder using Sunshine Canyon, Gold Hill Road and the Peak-to-Peak Highway.  This trip will depart the Nederland Park-n-Ride at 10am and arrive in at the Boulder Transit Center at 11:30am. The return trip will depart he Boulder Transit Center at 2:00pm and arrive at the Nederland Park-n-Ride at 3:30pm.

The RTD service through Blackhawk will be utilizing a bus with a 55 seat capacity. The VIA service along Sunshine Canyon will have a capacity of 14-22 people. THe RTD and VIA operated buses will both have a $4 standard fare ($2.00 discount fare) and standard RTD fare policies for the N route will apply: Eco Pass will be accepted as valid fare on the routes. Standing passengers will not be permitted on either service due to safety concerns. More information on these services can be found at: www.rtd-denver.com

It is very important for everyone to be judicious with dispensing this information to the public, and to focus the information towards the Nederland community. We want to ensure that the service is not overwhelmed given its limited capacity and that all Nederland residents have the ability to ride to and from Boulder.

The Climb to Gold Hill –

The Climb bus between Boulder and Gold Hill will resume Monday-Friday service effective Monday morning September 23, 2013. Due to damage along Fourmile Canyon, the route will now be operating on Sunshine Canyon Drive and Gold Hill Road.

Eastbound buses will depart Gold Hill at 7:00am and 3:10pm (arriving at the Boulder Transit Center at 7:40am and 3:50 respectively). Westbound buses will depart the Boulder Transit Center at 7:45am, 5:10pm and 6:25pm (arriving in Gold Hill at 8:25am, 5:45pm and 7:10 pm respectively).

The Climb also serves the Switzerland trailhead at Gold Hill Rd. with the first eastbound trip of the day and final westbound trip of the day.

Via Mobility Services operates The Climb. The route has a $3 one way fare and also sells monthly and annual passes (for more information on passes, visit www.the-climb.org). A route map can be found at: http://alturl.com/6ucq9