Daily Archives: May 21, 2015

Brainard Lake Road Improvements

The Town of Ward is in discussions with Boulder County about the impact of the County’s road improvements on town property that borders the road.

The following maps indicate the extent of the impact. The impact is not inconsequential but is more inclined to resilience on our property than on county property. Additionally the county has committed to compensate us by helping us to repair infrastructure that might otherwise be out of our possibility, like replacing a stretch of 100 year old water pipe and repairing some of our roads. Their plans do include revegetation and we do have input into the design process, and into the revegetation process.

One concern that has been raised is the multitude of trucks going through town and likely exceeding our speed limit, endangering our citizens, our children and our pets. ┬áThis will probably be the most obnoxious and dangerous impact. I’d like to propose that we reconsider a town magistrate – part time, perhaps local – who could adjudicate minor traffic and local offenses and give us some measure of control of the speeding traffic (including bicycles!). If the haulers know there is enforcement in town, they’ll be less likely to take advantage of us.

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