Monthly Archives: December 2016

Sustainability Implementation Plan in Ward

In 2015 the Town of Ward received a grant from Boulder County for building a greenhouse and developing a sustainability plan. We’ve built the greenhouse, and now have completed a first draft of our sustainability plan.

We started the sustainability planning process by holding community meetings and asking ourselves what we value and want to ensure is sustainable and remains so. We turned that information into a document, with several people each completing different sections.

Now we’d like the broader community to have an opportunity to comment on the plan. Anyone can comment – comments from community members are more likely to be considered.

Use this link to visit the Ward Sustainability Implementation Plan first draft. You can suggest edits or select a word, phrase or paragraph, and click the comment button at the top or the little floating comment icon to write a comment about a section.

Thanks in advance for all the great ideas and thanks to all the people who have contributed their time and energy to this project: Emy, Amie, Howard, Ed, Cynthia, Crystal, Karelle, Zeke, and everyone else who came to meetings and brainstormed and built our community’s capacity.