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Help Dr. Camarata get his Medicaid license back

If you and/or your family use Dr. Camarata’s family practice in Nederland, and especially if you’re a Medicaid patient, you need to know that his practice has been denied renewal of his Medicaid license, meaning that Medicaid patients will be forced to go to Boulder and try to find a practice that accepts Medicaid. We need to help to reverse this decision.

Although Dr. Camarata’s intention is to continue to operate his practice, this decision threatens his ability to do so. His practice, the only family practice from Estes to Black Hawk, is critical to the Peak to Peak community, Medicaid or not.

At the bottom is a link to a letter to the Texas corporation that bought the Medicaid contracts for the State of Colorado, that Dr. Camarata’s office can include with their appeal to restore his ability to serve Medicaid clients.

If you are affected by this, or are just disturbed by a Texas corporation messing with our community’s healthcare, please download this letter, add words of your own (polite please), print and sign it. I don’t care if you sign with your real name, just don’t make it so fake that it’s dismissed out of hand.

When you’re done, please fold it envelope style and put it in the Town of Ward box in front of town hall (NOT the post office). I’ll pick them up on Thursday and get them to Nederland by the deadline (3/16/17 at 5PM). Or if you go to Ned, just take it to his office, BEFORE Thursday 3/16/17 5PM.

Also you can email Governor Hickenlooper on his website or call him at 303.866.2471; email our state representative KC Becker or call her at 303.866.2578; and email our state senator Stephen Fenburg or call him at 303.866.4872.

As mayor, I’m also contacting all these people, but that’s not enough, you have to do it too. All this info will also be in FB, the QT and in the Post Office.

Lastly, there’s a Town Hall meeting at the Gilpin County Rec Center Sunday, March 26th from 4 to 6 pm. Local and state government folks will be there, along with Dr. Camarata. We’ll have a presence there. Let me know if you want to go.

Letter in support of Dr. Camarata


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