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Emergency information

For the duration of the flooding emergency, this will be the Ward, Colorado front page.

Here are some local links for LOCAL info:

Ward QT

Jamestown QT

Bar-K QT

Other links:

Here are some links:

  • Boulder County, along with a number of other Colorado counties has been declared a Federal Disaster area, making individuals and businesses eligible for federal disaster relief funds. You can find out more, and apply, at
  • Foothills United Way has established a Fund for the victims of this flood.  The name of the fund is the Foothills Flood Relief Fund and that money will be used for housing and human services and will ALL stay local in our communities of Boulder and Broomfield counties… just like our long term recovery fund for the fire.  Please share this URL:  or go to and follow the links to donate.  PLEASE DO SHARE THIS INFO WITH ALL OF YOUR GROUPS!
  • 2-1-1 has been activated.  If you know of anyone that has any questions about evacuation sites, routes, donations, road closures etc. they can call 2-1-1 in the Boulder area to get help.
  • If you think friends and family might be concerned about you, you can use this website, Safe & Well, to check in, or to check for someone you haven’t heard from.
  • Also for resources you can look at Help Colorado Now. Please note this is helpcoloradonow.COM, NOT .ORG. The .org site is a squatter site. Don’t use the .org site.
  • Amy Hardy is the Boulder mountain resource coordinator and she will be working with the affected communities to assess the relief needs. Contact her at 303 895 3418 or

Baxter St. Fire Fund

On Sunday, March 4th, 2012, a house on Baxter Street in Ward, CO was completely destroyed by fire due to an apparent propane leak and subsequent fire.  The residence is a total loss.  Three adults and two children (boys) ages 7 and 9 have been impacted by this event. Thankfully there were no serious injuries.

In response we (Ward Citizens) have created a fund through the Union Congregational Church of Ward to ease the loss/burden for those affected. The monies collected will be used to purchase/replace:

  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Furniture

Because storage for actual donated items is a problem with no immediate remedy, the people affected are requesting that no actual items be donated at this time. Because of this it would be easier to establish a monetary fund that the victims can draw from as they are able to replace and utilize their property.

Donations can be made to:
Union Congregation Church of Ward
Baxter Street Fire Fund
P.O. Box 304
Ward, CO 80481

Please make checks payable to UCC of Ward, with a notation to direct funds to the Baxter Street Fire Fund.
Thank you in advance for your tax deductable donation.  Tax information will be given upon request.

We live in a proud and wonderful community that helps its own in time of need!

House fire on Baxter Street

Shortly after 8PM on Sunday night there was an explosion and fire at a home on Baxter Street. One adult was slightly injured, the 2 children emerged unharmed and the dog was slightly singed. The house was extensively damaged.

The cause of the fire has not been officially determined, but is suspected to be a propane leak.

And yet one more time we are deeply grateful to our firefighters for their quick and effective response. We’d also like to thank both Allenspark and Gold Hill for their indispensable aid.

Fires today – according to OEM

It appears that Lee Hill may be closed, due to a fire at Deer Trail and Lee Hill, but the evac order (radius of one mile) has been lifted.

Also a fire was reported at 3000 block of Fourmile, that is reported to be contained.

More info at

There was a transformer with a loose ground wire this morning up by the Peak to Peak. Xcel was called and the fire department responded and monitored it until Xcel arrived.

Goats and Fire Mitigation. Oh my.

A new fire mitigation business. After the Four Mile firestorm in September 2010,  not surprising, but this business employs voracious, funny, four-legged workers.

Goat Hill Grazers will bring their goats to your property where they will munch down on your weeds, eliminating much of the ladder fuel that the Fire Departments warn us against.

Contact info:

Goat Hill Grazers
Weed and Fire Mitigation
Kathleen Gilgannon
11679 Gold Hill Rd.
Boulder, CO 80302

720 308 1764

Ham Radio training!!!

In more awesome Mountain Leaders Forum (soon to be InterMountain Alliance) news we’ll be holding 2 training sessions to prepare for the Technicians class of Amateur Radio License. You can attend one or the other (or both, but that’s not necessary). There are online resources as primers (links will be available Sept 30 on this website), the class helps you prepare and BCARES (Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services) will be conducting the classes. Additionally, those who take the classes, take the exam, and are licensed, will be issued a handheld radio to become part of the Mountain Network.

The idea is to build a network of operators so that in an emergency, like wildfire or flood or crippling snowstorm, there are not only lots of eyes on the ground, but that those eyes can effectively communicate with the Sheriff’s Office and Office of Emergency Management (OEM). Not only can we contribute to our safety, but this is a means to get current, correct, updated information from OEM in the case of an emergency. Certainly that was sorely lacking in the Four Mile Fire.

If you’re interested in the training, it will be held Wednesday, 10/19/11 from 7-9PM or Saturday 10/22/11 from 9AM-11AM. Locations to be determined.

Anyone in the six community InterMountain Alliance (Ward, Allenspark, Jamestown, Lyons, Nederland, and Gold Hill)  is eligible to attend. It’s free. The test is $14.


The training is 6 hours. The first session will be in Ned at the Community Center 10/22/2011 from 9AM-3PM.

Second session: Gold Hill Fire Barn 10/29/2011, 9AM-3PM.

Please RSVP to Rebecca (459-3543) or Karelle (459-3363) or via the contact page of this website.


A ballot initiative that affects Ward and surroundings

This is a Boulder County ballot initiative that proposes to create a Mountain Forest Improvement District as a recommendation of the Citizen Advisory Team concerning the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. This would be the entity that would “plan and implement forest improvement projects in wild land-urban interface areas, including projects to reduce hazardous fuels and protect communities.”

This would definitely affect Ward. Please download the text of the resolution and plan to vote on November 1, 2011.

The mountain leaders group will be finding out more and I’ll update this post when more info becomes available.

Solutions for Occupational Safety: First Aid, CPR, AED class

The class, held on 2 Saturdays, was a great success and 3 of our Indian Peaks firefighters, and several general community members received their CPR and First Aid certifications.

We’d love to have SOS and Patti Anderson back for another round of classes, and offer the opportunity to other local communities, so if you’re interested, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch and help set up a class.