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Help Dr. Camarata get his Medicaid license back

If you and/or your family use Dr. Camarata’s family practice in Nederland, and especially if you’re a Medicaid patient, you need to know that his practice has been denied renewal of his Medicaid license, meaning that Medicaid patients will be forced to go to Boulder and try to find a practice that accepts Medicaid. We need to help to reverse this decision.

Although Dr. Camarata’s intention is to continue to operate his practice, this decision threatens his ability to do so. His practice, the only family practice from Estes to Black Hawk, is critical to the Peak to Peak community, Medicaid or not.

At the bottom is a link to a letter to the Texas corporation that bought the Medicaid contracts for the State of Colorado, that Dr. Camarata’s office can include with their appeal to restore his ability to serve Medicaid clients.

If you are affected by this, or are just disturbed by a Texas corporation messing with our community’s healthcare, please download this letter, add words of your own (polite please), print and sign it. I don’t care if you sign with your real name, just don’t make it so fake that it’s dismissed out of hand.

When you’re done, please fold it envelope style and put it in the Town of Ward box in front of town hall (NOT the post office). I’ll pick them up on Thursday and get them to Nederland by the deadline (3/16/17 at 5PM). Or if you go to Ned, just take it to his office, BEFORE Thursday 3/16/17 5PM.

Also you can email Governor Hickenlooper on his website or call him at 303.866.2471; email our state representative KC Becker or call her at 303.866.2578; and email our state senator Stephen Fenburg or call him at 303.866.4872.

As mayor, I’m also contacting all these people, but that’s not enough, you have to do it too. All this info will also be in FB, the QT and in the Post Office.

Lastly, there’s a Town Hall meeting at the Gilpin County Rec Center Sunday, March 26th from 4 to 6 pm. Local and state government folks will be there, along with Dr. Camarata. We’ll have a presence there. Let me know if you want to go.

Letter in support of Dr. Camarata


Let me know if it doesn’t work.

Hummer/Cold Springs Fire

Yesterday afternoon a fire started on Cold Springs Drive near Nederland, Colorado. The conditions are ripe for it – record temps, extremely low humidity and lots of fuel. As of the last I’ve heard, the acreage burned was about 226 acres. We know structures have burned – the report is at least 4 – but we don’t have confirmations of an exact number.

A number of Nederland area subdivisions have been evacuated – Cold Springs, Bonanza Mountain, St. Anton’s Highlands, Silver Springs – and the western area of Sugarloaf Rd is on pre-evacuation alert. A pre-evacuation means the affected households should be prepared to leave at any time. If you feel unsafe, leave immediately – do NOT wait for an evacuation notice.

Here is the most up-to-date, accurate info: Boulder OEM emergency info

Here are road closures:

  • Hurricane Hill – between Hwy 119 and Ridge Rd.
  • St. Anton Summer Access Road – between Hwy 119 and Ridge Rd
  • Sugarloaf Rd – between Switzerland Trail and Peak to Peak Hwy
  • Peak to Peak Hwy between Sugarloaf and Ridge Road
  • Silver Point to Peak to Peak Highway
  • Cold Springs Road – between Hwy 119 and Ridge Rd.
  • Ridge Road
  • Conifer Road
  • Thunder Ridge South Road
  • Cougar Road
  • Shady Hollow Road
  • Switzerland Park Upham Gulch
  • Wolfetongue

Single-file only law for riding bicycles in Ward

Following is the text of the proposed Bicycle single file ordinance:

Series 2015


WHEREAS, the Town of Ward is authorized by state law, including without limitation C.R.S. § 42-4-111(1)(h) to adopt and enforce regulations for the operation of bicycles as necessary; and

WHEREAS, the Town has determined groupings of bicycles on our roads creates a hazard for vehicles, bicycles, pets and pedestrians; and

WHEREAS, the pending improvements to both Lefthand Canyon and Brainard Lake Road will inevitably increase traffic, both vehicular and bicycle, through the Town; and

WHEREAS, in order to promote the health and safety of Town residents, the Town of Ward has determined to adopt a single-file only law for riding bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds, electric assisted bicycles within the Town boundaries;

Section 1. The Town of Ward hereby establishes a “single file only” ordinance for bicycles within Ward’s jurisdiction. The ordinance shall state:

No person shall drive a motorcycle, moped, electric assisted bicycle or bicycle adjacent to any other such vehicle within the same lane on the roadway, and shall not ride two or more abreast except on paths set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles. Persons riding bicycles or electrical assisted bicycles also shall not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.

Section 2. The town of Ward will install and maintain official signage or other traffic control devices placed upon or at the entrances to the roadways within the Town limits to give notice of this local ordinance and increase awareness.

Section 3. Variances to this ordinance may be granted by permission of the Town Council of the Town of Ward, for purposes of allowing permitted bicycle races to use our thoroughfares, and other purposes as the Town Council deems appropriate

Section 4. Failure to comply with this ordinance shall be subject to a fine.

Please note – state and county law allows 2 riders abreast (though this is even abused by some groups of bicyclists who ride 4 and 5 abreast, as a pack), this ordinance would limit cyclists to single file in the town limits.

Also enforcement would be by Ward marshals. That said – Boulder County has always had the right and the statutory power to enforce ANY traffic code in Ward – this is not something over which we have any control. They’ve always had this right and this ordinance sees no change in that situation.

What this ordinance WOULD do is give us the right to signage that would mitigate at least some of the problem with no enforcement at all – most bicyclists are willing to follow the law if they know it and this law would work in our favor.

In answer to some of the concerns raised:

  • Left Hand Canyon, as far as I can tell, is NOT a bicycle single-file road, marked by single file signs, but even if it is single-file only, that only pertains to the county road, outside of town limits. To make Utica Street a single-file zone, we have to change its designation in town.
  • Enforcement of a single-file ordinance for bicycles would be no different from current enforcement of any other traffic violations in Ward – whatever enforcement we have will be by the local marshals. That said, Boulder County Sheriffs (and State Patrol) have the statutory right to give out tickets in Ward, as they do in any municipality. So don’t run the stop sign with ANY cop car behind you.
  • Most of the fine from ANY ticketed traffic violation goes to the county, since we have chosen not to have a municipal court in Ward. But the point of this ordinance and the signage is not revenue, but safety.
  • And that’s the intent of the signage – to legally inform bicyclists that they must ride single file through town, reducing the chance of dangerous bicycle/car/pedestrian/pet encounters. The presence of the signs alone will likely go a long way to encouraging better bicyclist behavior, even without strict enforcement.
  • Indeed, bicyclists do make up a large portion of the town’s general fund revenue. They also make up a significant portion of the IPFPD’s emergency services calls. Those two things don’t come from the same pot, but packs of bicyclists (especially speeding bicyclists) increase the risk of accident. It’s unlikely that many bicyclists will stop coming to Ward because they have to ride single file and even if a few were willing to give up their addiction to Fred’s in protest, I still don’t see how allowing bicycle packs to endanger us, our children, our animals and our other visitors is a good trade for tax revenue from the few bicyclists who would stop coming and spending their money.

So read the actual ordinance (on the board in the case outside) and make up your minds; it will be voted on at the April election.


Road closures

By now, many folks in the Ward community have learned that starting in May 2016, we will be impacted by 6 months of road repairs on Left Hand Canyon from the Jamestown bridge at the confluence of James and Lefthand Creeks to Lickskillet, at the 10 mile marker.

There will be times when the road is shut down altogether – potentially for several days at a time – from the Jamestown bridge up to Lickskillet. This extent of closure will cut off access to Lee Hill and Old Stage, so we will have to find other ways to get to town. Other times there may be 1 – 3 hour delays. You can find current information at Please rely on that site for the most up-to-date info, as this site update its info from there.

Some of the time, the road is likely to be inaccessible from 8AM to 4PM, with delays from 7AM-8AM and from 4PM-5PM. At least, that’s how they’re currently handling the road repairs below the Jamestown bridge. says that may be different but we will know better as the time approaches.

I would suggest visiting that construction project in its off hours (after 5, before 7AM or on weekends) to see the extent of what they’re doing. This is NOT your daddy’s simple repaving!

Not only will this affect our travel to and from Boulder, it’s going to impact our local businesses that depend on that through-traffic for their revenue, their ability to continue to employ some of our town residents and it will have repercussions on our town budget that depends on sales tax revenue for 40% of our general fund income. And it will have an effect on postal deliveries, the trash roll-off, and propane deliveries and I’m sure there’s other ramifications we just haven’t thought of yet.

But WAIT, there’s more!

Starting in late September of 2016 (yes, it overlaps), there will be extensive repairs and repaving on the Brainard Lake Road, that is projected to last until May 2017. While this won’t affect our ability to get to Boulder, it will still impact our local businesses.

At the February town meeting (February 1, 7PM) we’ve invited some folks from Boulder County transportation as well as the business owners and other folks to come and talk about how we can ensure that we minimize this disruption. We’re starting to put together a plan to help our community better deal with this and if you would like to help, let’s put our heads together. Come to the February 1 town meeting.

How to Prepare for Everything Workshop – Free

PreparednessWorkshopFlyerThe Inter Mountain Alliance is sponsoring a “How to Prepare for Everything” workshop to take place on Saturday, January 9th from 10-1pm in the Ned Community Center. This workshop is not about disaster preparedness per say but instead about how to prepared for disruptions in our lives. This is a hands on workshop that will provide take home tools to support our unique families in preparedness for the disruptions that life brings and how to support our unique living situations. This workshop will be taught by Aaron Titus, the Co-chair of the BoCoVOAD.

I have attached a flyer for you to share with your community members. This workshop is open to the public and all are welcome.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you all soon!

Amy E. Hardy | Community Resilience Director

Foothills United Way
1285 Cimarron Drive

Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone: 303-895-3418

Poetry Reading

If you want to enjoy some fantastic food, wine, poetry and wit this might be the best place to be in the mountains on a Friday night.
Join us for the wit and wisdom of Pam Harrington and Margaux Murphy, reading together for the first time in 17 years.
Ward Public Library
Ward, CO
Friday 10/23

Fire Bans by both Boulder County and the USFS 9/25/15

Sheriff Pelle Orders Fire Ban for Western Boulder County mountains

Boulder County has enacted a fire ban for the mountains

Here is summary of the ban:

The fire ban prohibits:

  • Slash fires
  • The use of any kind of fireworks or model rockets
  • All other outdoor spark or flame producing activities
  • All outdoor burning not listed below as allowable

This fire ban allows for:

  • Indoor fires in fireplaces or stoves
  • Smoking indoors or within an enclosed vehicle
  • Campfires in improved and maintained campgrounds that are currently open to thepublic, as long as the fuel for such fires are smaller than two feet in diameter by three feet in height.
  • Liquid or gas fuel stove use
  • Charcoal grill use on private land
  • Smoking outdoors in areas free of flammable material
  • Fires contained within maintained fire pits or grates on private land

The fire ban will be in effect until the sheriff finds that the hazardous conditions have subsided.

Additionally Fire Restrictions begin today on portions of the Roosevelt National Forest in Boulder County

Boulder, Colo. (Sept. 24, 2015) – Fire restrictions go into effect this morning, Sept. 24, 2015, on portions of the Roosevelt National Forest in support of the fire ban by Boulder County.

The fire restrictions are in an area bounded on the west by State Highways 7, 72, and 119 (Peak to Peak Highway);on the north by the Boulder County line just north of Highway 36; on the south by Highway 72 (Coal Creek Canyon); and on the east by the Roosevelt National Forest boundary in Boulder County. These restrictions limit where and what type of fires you can have and are in place until rescinded. Within the fire restriction area, forest visitors cannot:

  • Build or maintain a fire or use charcoal, coal, or wood stoves, except within a developed recreation site (e.g., campgrounds where fees are charged). The use of petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns or heating devices, providing such devices meet the fire underwriter’s specifications for safety, is allowed.
  • Use explosives, including fireworks.
  • Smoke, except in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while in an area at least three feet in diameter cleared of all flammable materials.
  • Weld or operate acetylene or other torch with an open flame.
  • Use any internal or external combustion engine (including chainsaws) without a spark arresting devise properly working.

To view both the closure and fire restriction orders as well as a map of the areas covered by both, go to They are listed in the “Alerts and Notices” box on the right. All visitors are reminded to be extra careful with fire this fall and winter, especially in windy and dry conditions and in places where tall grasses have cured.

K. “Reid” Armstrong
Public Affairs Specialist/Community Liaison

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

Pawnee National Grassland

p: 303-541-2532
c: 970-222-7607

Caring for the land and serving people

Shooting area discussion in Western Boulder County

There are open house meetings planned to discuss the 5 possible designated shooting areas that meet preliminary criteria as safe and sustainable. Open house meeting means that there is no presentation, just tables with information and people to talk to – so you can come and go as you please.

These possible areas include:

  • Ruby Gulch (in our Fire District)
  • West Magnolia
  • Allenspark Dump
  • Bunce School Road
  • Beaver Reservoir Road (also in our Fire District)

Meeting 1: Nederland Open House
Monday, July 20, 6-7:30PM
Nederland Community Center
Meeting 2: Boulder Open House
Tuesday, July 21, 6-7:30PM
Boulder County Clerk & Recorder’s Ofc
1750 33rd St. Boulder
Meeting 3: Allenspark Open House
Thursday, Aug 6, 6-7:30PM
Peaceful Valley Resort (between A’park and Ward).

This decision impacts our community, please plan to attend one or several of these meetings.

More info at USFS

Culvert and road rehabilitation in upper Lefthand Canyon starts June 23

Delays up to 30 minutes can be expected on June 23 and 24; Shorter delays necessary until work completed

Boulder County, Colo. — Boulder County Transportation’s Maintenance Division will begin work to install a concrete culvert and conduct roadway and shoulder repair operations on upper Lefthand Canyon Drive just west of Sawmill Road on Tuesday, June 23. Construction operations will be conducted from 7 a.m. to approximately 4 p.m.Monday through Thursday, until mid-July, weather permitting.

During the first two days of construction, June 23 and 24, 30-minute travel delays for both motorists and cyclists can be expected. Travelers are encouraged to use alternate routes on these days. After June 24, Lefthand Canyon Drive will be reduced to one lane of traffic control-assisted access during working days and delays will be kept to a minimum. Access for emergency responders will be maintained at all times. The work zone will remain open for all users Friday through Sunday.

This project is in anticipation of planned roadway resurfacing work that will take place later this summer at a date to be determined. More information will be provided about that project as soon as dates and travel impacts are known.

For more information, contact Andrew Barth via email or call 303-441-1032. All current Boulder County Transportation project information is available at

Spring Clean up

June 27

Ward Spring cleanup is coming and it’s going to be different!

Boulder County has changed their policy about providing trash pickup for community cleanups and will no longer provide free trash rolloffs for our Spring Cleanup. Instead they will provide several FREE rolloffs for recycling and diversion of the following categories of items:

  • Appliances of any sort – refrigerators (yes CFCs are okay), stoves, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, etc
  • Tires – Your own or feel free to drag them out of the woods.
  • Electronics – printers, monitors, computers, stereos, TVs, etc
  • Scrap metal
  • Rigid Plastic items like Rubbermaid tubs, outdoor furniture, plastic trashcans, laundry baskets
  • Motor oil, paint, antifreeze
  • Ordinary single stream recycling – bottles, cans, paper, etc

We’re looking for volunteers to help sort and direct.

We’ll be providing regular free trash service on June 13 for household trash. We will NOT be accepting any of the materials listed above for diversion and will not accept those materials in our trash pickups in the future either.

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been pre-staging the collection of those divertible items at the old Catholic church and you are welcome to bring your materials there, anytime. Please self-sort appliances in the appliance pile, tires in the tire pile, and we can really clean up our town and our yards and not have to send as much to the landfill. Do NOT leave trash or single stream recycling.

Questions? Either comment here or call 303-459-9273 and we’ll get back to you.