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Minutes – Town Meeting – January 2016

Record of Proceedings
Town Meeting
January 4. 2016

In Attendance– Mayor/ Karelle Scharff, Clerk/ Kristen Cornwall, Bookkeeper/ Carol Elmore, Council/ Christina & Sequoia Zahn, General Assembly/ Cynthia Bakke, Paul Kolovos, & Clarissa Arana.

At this time Kristen read the minutes from the December meeting.  Christina pointed out that Kristen did not name the task force members appointed by the Mayor to oversee removal of junk and abandoned vehicles pursuant to Ordinance 142.  These task force members are Chris Pelletier, Amy Hardy, & Bobbi Ann Goodnow.  With those omissions addressed, Christina motioned to accept minutes, Cynthia Bakke seconds.  All were in favor.

Department Reports

Mayor– Karelle reported that she is adding more and more content to our Town of Ward website, and Kristen will be beginning to post minutes etc. there as well.  Please check it out at

Karelle also asked Kristen to extend an invitation to our County Commissioners to join us for dinner & drinks in June.

Bookkeeper– Carol handed out the finalized budget, as well as a super informative hand-out with definitions pertaining to the budget.  Carol reported that we have $25,880.23 in checking and $103,675.01 in savings.

Emy on Sustainability–  Emy asked Bill Gilbert to put together a list of municipalities that allow “community septics.”  “Community septics” allow more than one home to share their fields/septics.

As there was no agenda for this meeting, it was a meeting of reminders on upcoming events…


  • Saturday, January 9 from 10-1 at the Nederland Community Center is the  “How to Prepare for Everything Workshop.”  Please RSVP to
  • Wednesday, January 13 from 6-8 p.m. also at the Nederland Community Center is a DOLA sponsored meeting being hosted by Cynthia Bakke.  This is not a public meeting, but a meeting for elected officials only.  Pizza will be provided.  Please RSVP to
  • Sunday, January 17 from 1-3 & Wednesday, January 20 from 6-8 at the church, Emy will be hosting “Planning for Sustainability”  meetings.
  • Cynthia Bakke encouraged us all to get together to view the show “High Profits” which shows Breckinridge and the highs/lows they have experienced with legal marijuana and dispensaries.  Perhaps a potluck and viewing marathon at the church?

Meeting adjourned @ 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kristen Cornwall

Minutes -Town Meeting-December 2015

Record of Proceedings

Regular Town Meeting

December 7, 2015


In Attendance– Mayor/ Karelle Scharff, Clerk/ Kristen Cornwall, Bookkeeper/ Carol Elmore, Christina Zahn, Sequoia Zahn, Bobbi Ann Goodnow, Amy Hardy, Adrianna Galue, Andy Martinek/ Council, Cynthia Bakke, Crystal Del Rios, Katrina Pattridge, Will Dator, Chris Pelletier, Matt McGavock and Raymond McAllister.

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.  At this time Kristen read the minutes from the previous meeting.  Amy Hardy did not like the wording around the impact the road improvements might have on the aspen grove between her home and the highway.  Amy wanted all to know that it is BoCo’s intention to get back to us with some ideas on how to preserve/ fix the road and what impact that may have on the trees.  With the changes, Christina motioned to accept the minutes.  Bobbi Ann seconds.  7 in favor.  4 abstained.

Department Reports

Recycling/ Sustainability– We received our $15 k from the Sustainability Grant, therefore it is now imperative that we begin planning how to match the funding with our efforts.  There will be several meetings in January to get a good start on this project.  Also there are other grant opportunities coming up that will also be discussed.

Clerk–  Kristen reported that Cirsa pointed out several areas of concern during the November Loss/ Control Meeting with Cirsa.  The electricity between the radio station and the Town Hall, as well as the failing glass ceiling in library entrance were major concerns and will cause our rates to go up if not fixed.

 Also, please note that the unsightly campers that were on the Peak to Peak near Tucker’s are GONE!  Chris Pelletier, Jesse Farmer and Tucker Pattridge loaded them into a dumpster that Ward paid for.

 Kristen pointed out the great job that Brodi Hawk has been doing shoveling.  Keep up the good work, Brods!


Budget–  A few final changes were made such as adding funds to the Abandoned Vehicle Fund, in the amount of $400.  Also, a new line item was added for yearly funding for the Kid’s Christmas Party/ Pageant/ Talent Show, in the amount of $100.  Christina motioned to accept the budget.  Bobbi Ann seconds.  12 in favor. 1 abstained.  

Reading of Marijuana/ Bicycle Ordinance– After much more discussion about inspections of electricity and how to keep grows organic, Christina Zahn motioned to extend our moratorium on licensing “legal grows” until December 2016.  Amy Hardy seconds.  12 in favor.  1 abstained.

 At this time, Andy motioned to have the “single-file ordinance” voted on at our regular April election.  Christina seconds.  All were in favor.

New Business

Katrina & Crystal–  These ladies were present to ask for help funding the Kid’s Christmas Party.  This was a no-brainer.  All were in favor of a yearly $100 donation to this fabulous celebration!  A new line was added to the budget for the future!  You ladies ROCK!

Meeting Adjourned @ 9 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kristen Cornwall