Post Office Information for Ward 09/16/13 15:00

The Post Office is open for its regular hours doing its regular business, EXCEPT that they can’t do credit card transactions as they don’t have phone access to the outside.

Ward zip code, 80481, mail is being delivered, both route (including Bar-K and Skyline) and PO Box.

Jamestown route or PO Box customers’ mail is being held in Nederland for pickup, with ID. This pertains to Left Hand Canyon customers, too, anyone with the zip code 80455. If you would prefer to have your mail delivered somewhere else, say General Delivery in Ward or to an address elsewhere, you can place a forwarding order online or at a Post Office (any post office branch) and after a few days your mail will be forwarded. I don’t know if mail held in Ned will also be forwarded.

As regards mail that was already in the boxes in Jamestown, postal inspectors must go to the building in Jamestown before mail can be dealt with and there is no immediate timeline for that.

For more information:

Nederland Post Office: 303-258-3247
Hours: M-F 8am-4pm; Sat: 9am-noon

Allenspark: 303-747-2559
Hours: M-F 8am-4pm (closed 1-1:30); Sat 8:15am-noon

Post Office Media Contact, David Rupert 303-313-5134

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