Sustain Ward

We’ve now had our first two sustainability meetings – both of them rousing successes, with great attendance and an abundance of compelling ideas. We covered numerous topics such as: community gardening, food storage, food pantry, energy, community readiness, eldercare, community radio (both broadcast and amateur radio, aka ham radio), zero waste, septic and wastewater, town trails, jobs and economics and youth programs. We’ll be posting more specifics about the ideas as we compile the information.

Just because you haven’t participated in these first 2 meetings doesn’t exclude you from jumping in now. Our next meeting to prioritize these ideas and start to put together our short and long term plans will be on January 30, from 2-4. The more people participate in this, the better represented the whole community will be, and this is important.

We would encourage you to offer your comments, even if attending meetings is not possible. You can respond here or on the Ward QT. All ideas, expressed with politeness, are welcome.

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