Town of Ward – Community Sustainability Project

What – Let’s create a sustainability plan that reflects Ward community values and helps us navigate the future.

Key Steps in Sustainability Planning Process

  • Clarify town vision
  • Determine what we want to sustain
  • Build collaboration
  • Document our desired sustainability strategies and methods
  • Develop action steps and priorities
  • Document and communicate successes

Why –Creating a written sustainability plan will provide a road map not just for us, but also other governmental and regulatory agencies that regulate resources that impact the planet and our lives. Furthermore, the community engagement process in and of itself will be an excellent way to share ideas and build collaboration.

Who – Everyone in Town is encouraged to participate in all of the following ways;

Community Workshops

will be held for idea sharing and input collection on key topics and community initiatives. Workshop time will be used to brainstorm key topics and will include learning sessions presented by community members who have knowledge and skills to share.

Jan. 17 (Sunday) – Vision and Brainstorm

Jan. 20 (Wednesday) – Vision and Brainstorm

Feb– Review – Key Topics and Recommendations

March – Review – Draft Sustainability Plan

April – Review – Final Sustainability Plan

May– Greenhouse site prep and construction begins (weather dependant)


for the following key topics have been formed and are open to all.

Sustainable Septic and Wastewater

This subcommittee is working to address issues around permitting, cost and identifying appropriate strategies for our mountain community that are appropriate for rural dwellings. Of the 107 structures in town only 46 have approved septic permits.

Contacts : Pat Cypher ( or Adrienne De Forrest (

Ward Food Pantry

This subcommittee is working to address hunger issues in our community through food distribution. A new lock system has been installed at the Food Box next to Ward town hall to prevent vandalism and waste.

Contact : Amie Weinberg ( (303) 459-0144

Ward Zero Waste

This subcommittee is working to recycling and landfill diversion opportunities.

Contact : Emy Maloutas ( (303) 459-1013

Interviews with Indian Peaks Fire Dept members, elected town representatives, water board, library board and interested individuals are being scheduled.

If you are interested in PARTICIPATING, being interviewed, hosting a workshop breakout group in Jan on a topic related to sustainability or have general questions please contact: Emy Maloutas at or (303) 459-1013.

Surveys will be available in the post office entry. Surveys can be dropped off at the town hall drop box

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