Ward Sustainable Septic and Wastewater Subcommittee

Ward Sustainable Septic and Wastewater Subcommittee

Meeting notes 9/18/2015 9am Town Hall

9 in attendance

Ward residents are having issues as they move through the Boulder County permitting for septic and grey water systems. Clarification is needed as to what defines a permit. Both State and County laws need to be complied with and whichever is stricter. In one case, the State was going to require a 75 gal per person per day system, when the home did not have running water.

There was a review of grey water, waste water and black water definitions. The State and County both have regulations and review during the permitting process. Let’s not get put in a box when it comes to waste water solutions for the Town of Ward. We can identify solutions that will work in our community where lot sizes can affect your options and cost (initial project and ongoing maintenance). Through the Town of Ward’s Sustainability Planning Project this subcommittee will coordinate to support the identification and articulation of performance based alternatives i.e., composting systems and other cost effective solutions.

Let’s work together as a community to ensure that the Boulder County’s Septic Smart Program includes sustainable and cost conscious solutions that fit for Ward. Individually the permitting process is expensive and we could be picked off one by one. Solutions should be community generated and performance based, not prescriptive. Water Dept needs its authority and support for sustainable solutions.

Let’s get our terminology straight which will help use communicate effectively. Waterless toilet technology = composting toilet.

2023 is the Septic Smart deadline.


Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Regulations is available online (http://www.bouldercounty.org/doc/publichealth/owsprocedapp.pdf)


Next meeting Oct 9, 9am Town Hall

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